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What is AccessDisk
AccessDisk is a Windows system utility for Hard disk data recovery and data operations with disks and disk image files.

AccessDisk uses
  • Hard Disk Data Rescue
  • Hard Disk, Cdrom, and Floppy Data Backup
  • System drivers information store and retrieval
  • All disk, any partition and boot sectors access
  • Researches related with low level disk structures or corrupted drive information retrieval.

Objects operated with:

  • Any Windows disk. Full access from first to last byte.
  • Partitions of computer. All partitions, even those invisible under Windows.
  • Image files. Note: For Windows 95/98/ME filesystems FAT/FAT32 image file size is limited by that OS to 2Gb.
  • Boot sector backup files. AccessDisk keeps boot sectors of computer in special files, boot sector backup files.

Operations: Any Windows disk or file data can be copied, moved/shifted and compared with other data on disk or image files.

Image files and raw disk data can be viewed as hexadecimal dump.

AccessDisk can move and copy partitions. Partitions can be restored later by the same or other location.
Floppy disk images can be saved and restored. Cdrom images can be saved to restore later with Cdrom image writing software.

Boot sectors backup saves small portions of critical data allowing to recover after accidents, such as virus attack of power failure. It can be also very useful for such cases as improper installation of not stable Operating System, which caused boot sector data damages.

AccessDisk supports all operations of `dd' under UNIX™ but works under Windows.

AccessDisk supports such function of PowerQuest PartitionMagic as partition copy, but AccessDisk beside that gives much more freedom how to copy, to select part of partition or hard disk, to select part of images.

Unique features of AccessDisk are: data move support and boot sectors backup ability.

See Features List here. See also Features Comparison.

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AccessDisk is try-before-buy software.
Online data recovery service is available for registered users .


06 Jun 2007 - AccessDisk v1.2 release (build
10 Aug 2004 - AccessDisk v1.1 (build
14 Feb 2003 - AccessDisk v1.0 release (build



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